Friday, July 2, 2010

Prospectors Ghosts From Times of Old

Second Part

When the sun goes down, we instinctively look for a safe and secure environment to remain in until the sun comes back. Even sitting in our own house in darkness can be scary.

Another is being alone. Humans are safer in packs, like a pack of wolves, monkeys, sheep or whatever. A group is less likely to be attacked, and is more able to fend off an attack. If you are one of 10 people running from a tiger, it is statistically less likely you’ll be the one that gets eaten. So being alone will always make you more afraid than being in a group.

Another is being in an unfamiliar environment. Being somewhere you know well is far less concerning than being somewhere you don’t, like in a foreign city. If a danger pops up, you’ll deal with it better if you are familiar with where you are.

So if you combine all three: being alone deep in a pitch black unfamiliar mine your brain will naturally be making you feel quite scared. Every distant drip sound will make you stop and listen; and even the slightest thing will make you jump. You might even feel childish and stupid for feeling scared, but you won’t be able to help it, it’s simply a natural reaction to the environment. However, care has to be taken not to let this lead to panic and irrational behavior.

There are many things that could push you from being scared into a state of panic:

Getting lost

Your lighting suddenly failing or weakening unexpectedly

A sudden unfamiliar noise

Thinking you heard a sudden unfamiliar noise

Unusual shadows or reflections catching your eye

A sudden realization how far you are from daylight

Abandond mine near Animas Forks, Colorado

This ghost photo was sent by Robert Stiles of rmstilez@yahoo.com.

Robert said, "I am enclosing a photo I took in an abandond mine near Animas Forks Colorado. This is a solid stone shaft cut in the late 1800's. Many people died years ago in the Colorado mining boom."

Dr. Dave's Notes:

This is an excellent photo of an orb in motion that appears to have ectoplasmic discharges expanding outward.
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