Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can Someone Be Killed By Ghosts?

Can Someone Be Killed By Ghosts? 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things to consider before going into that mine!

Releasing Flooding Water Above You

It is not uncommon in mine workings to have a section flooded in an isolated manner, with access possible underneath the water into lower workings. It is also not uncommon that that miners dammed and consequently flooded small unwanted sections in order to provide a water source.

It is a very unlikely danger, but you should be aware of the risk of releasing any water above you, by fiddling with timber dams or similar such obstacles. This could result in drowning in a sudden unexpected influx of water or being swept off some great drop.

If you find something that looks like a dam, it is best to leave it alone, particularly if you’re not sure if it still holds back deep water or not.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Things to consider before going into that mine!


I would consider plunging & falling, by far and away, the most likely cause of death or injury to any explorer of old mine workings.

Vertical drops of alarming height abound everywhere in practically every mines. Make sure that there is adequate lighting at all times. It is far better to check things out twice, than to be sorry with going where it’s not clear of what dangers might lurk there.

Like all dangers, the possibilities of falling represent the greatest risk to the unwary and inexperienced; as such individuals often take reckless chances because they have not experienced enough. Usually, it is simply that they are aware when a risk of falling is present.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey, fellow prospectors:

I wanted to get your opinions on this, which might be a touchy subject.
Take a gun along with you?
My thinking is this... if you're going to take a gun with you to
save yourself from human scoundrels, then I think that is acceptable.
However, if you're going to use it on snakes and such,
then I think you should stay home. The creatures are in their own environment
and they don't want to bother you at all. I bet a good sized nugget that in turn the creatures would rather you stay away from them. Besides, most creatures hear you way before you get near them. Then they scurry away as fast as they can.
Now, I know what you're thinking! You're saying. "Hey, what about snakes??"
I think snakes are not there to hunt you down and bite you! In fact, most deadly snakes will warn you if you tread too close.
In that case, you would be smart to move along. Again, I believe I know you're thinking... what if those slithering creatures are in my spot? Where I want to be? Can't be in the same dang place, can we?
Now here is my simple answer to that: don't shoot the
creature. Just try to come to a non-violent conclusion of co-existence.
Like, let them know you're there with a long long stick or something. Say, a really good weapon is a nice, long walking cane.
Be careful out there! And always remember that they were there first!

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Search For Prospecting Pards

Ok here is the question ! Should I have a donkey or a mule or a human for a prospecting Pard?
Lets hear your opinion.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Telling you my story is a very hard thing to do.

When I stop to think of all the people in the
world that have life so much more difficult than
I could have ever imagined, I guess that my story
is not so hard to tell after all.
So I'll just start out by saying this: I had a great
33 years in the Aluminum Industry until...
one day in a meeting, with me being kind of full
of myself, made a comment to the owner of the company
that (not meaning too!) insulted him to the point
of firing me over it.
What a shock!
I had always been one of his top managers. Gasp.
Fired. From one short comment, I found myself out on the curb.
After that, I went into a deep depression. What
worse could happen? Huh? Well, right after unemployment
stopped, I got the gift of kidney cancer.
I sunk even farther. No income and my wife had
to work two jobs just to keep us from losing our home.
I wanted to die.
So I thought! Well the problem with that is... wanting
to give up and die... it's a very selfish thing to do,
especially when you have a great family like mine and
the beautiful grand kids I am blessed with.
So I came to the conclusion that in order to start
making a income when no one wants a health problem
at 59 years of age is an online business based around
something I love to do ==> Prospect for Gold.
I wanted to try this newfangled web business,
so here I am!

China Is buying as much silver as thay can ! Why?

China government officials are telling their countrymen to buy Silver why is this ?

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