Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can Someone Be Killed By Ghosts?

Can Someone Be Killed By Ghosts? 
First off, this isn’t a column or blog post claiming the existence or non-existence of ghosts. I’ve never seen one or spoken to anyone who has (though I've read witness statements about “presences” in mines). Personally, I don’t believe in ghosts to be honest, but whether you do or don’t, that’s not what I’m here. To attempt to prove either way, well, that’s just irrelevant.

What is relevant, however, is the reaction of the human mind to environment. When a person is not comfortable in his surroundings, and how this in turn affects the actions and decisions of the mine-explorer.

The primitive human mind with an instinct for survival gets scared when sensing danger. Being scared causes the chemical hormone called adrenaline to be some times released into the blood stream which acts like a turbo-boost. The heart beats faster, reaction times shorten, and running speeds increase, thereby providing the human with a temporary burst of energy to assist in dealing with the danger.

Going back to our native environment, certain scenarios cause us to get scared. One is the dark. Humans are vulnerable to attack in the dark as our eyes are not built for it.

More on this spooky subject next time !
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