Friday, June 11, 2010

Telling you my story is a very hard thing to do.

When I stop to think of all the people in the
world that have life so much more difficult than
I could have ever imagined, I guess that my story
is not so hard to tell after all.
So I'll just start out by saying this: I had a great
33 years in the Aluminum Industry until...
one day in a meeting, with me being kind of full
of myself, made a comment to the owner of the company
that (not meaning too!) insulted him to the point
of firing me over it.
What a shock!
I had always been one of his top managers. Gasp.
Fired. From one short comment, I found myself out on the curb.
After that, I went into a deep depression. What
worse could happen? Huh? Well, right after unemployment
stopped, I got the gift of kidney cancer.
I sunk even farther. No income and my wife had
to work two jobs just to keep us from losing our home.
I wanted to die.
So I thought! Well the problem with that is... wanting
to give up and die... it's a very selfish thing to do,
especially when you have a great family like mine and
the beautiful grand kids I am blessed with.
So I came to the conclusion that in order to start
making a income when no one wants a health problem
at 59 years of age is an online business based around
something I love to do ==> Prospect for Gold.
I wanted to try this newfangled web business,
so here I am!


  1. This looks really good. Yes, you have come a long ways, after what you've been through.

    Maybe check my blog and we can work together to tell the world how you're developing the mindset to Create the Day YOUR Way!

  2. The Way the price of Gold keeps going up, it is becoming a more worthwhile effort all the time.


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