Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Donkey Baby Sitters ??? LOL !

Ranchers who raise horses often have a donkey or two on the property. The donkey will serve as a calming agent when around horses, especially foals. While a foal will not willingly approach a human, unless trained to know that it is all right to do so, a foal is normally quite comfortable around a donkey, and when the donkey approaches a human, the foal is likely to do so as well.

One of the best of the donkey facts is they make fine pets and companions. Donkeys tend to be well-behaved, and can be very loyal.

They are sometimes called stubborn, but most experts believe that they are simply being cautious, and careful.

If a donkey doesn't believe it’s a good idea to go somewhere, it won't go there.

All in all, for work, as a babysitter, guard animal, or companion, a donkey can usually fill the bill.

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