Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Old Texas Pete A security Guard ??

The most interesting donkey facts relate to those things the donkey is good at, a few of which may surprise you. A donkey can be saddled and ridden like a horse, and is a very good mount for small children.

The donkey will generally run no faster than it wants to, which is not very fast. The donkey, as we have said, can be used as a beast of burden, and as it often bonds to its owner, and to humans in general, can be used as a pack animal without requiring a lead rope.

Donkeys are also used as security guards for herds of cattle or sheep. A donkey does not like animals such as wolves or coyotes, and will aggressively defend the herd against them. Besides a powerful kick, a donkey will bite and stomp a foe. Most donkeys do not like dogs for that matter, and are apt attack a ranch dog, though they can usually, if not always, be trained to coexist.

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