Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Advantages Of Using Drywashers

Dry washers have been discredited; criticized and distorted far too many times that it is difficult to get at the truth. To a certain extent in all honesty, only large scale mining operations which use sophisticated equipment are flourishing in recovering fine gold by dry methods in amounts which are large enough to make it cost-effective. On the other hand, there are a very large amount of individual prospectors who make use of the small kind of dry washer. These are with no trouble transportable and are either hand-operated or drive by a little motor. They are used for the most part to test an area to see if it would guarantee more investigation. a lot of prospectors use them for outings on the weekends, but it would be reasonably complicated to make a living by using one of them. The people who take pleasure in searching the dry desert areas, either as a leisure pursuit or for authentic prospecting explorations, will discover that the Garrett Gravity Trap pan with its portability and non expensive advantages will also work completely as a dry washer, but on a small scale to a certain extent. A prospector in one occasion had the good luck to be seated, unnoticed, at the back of a lecture hall during a prolonged debate on gold pans and the methods for dry panning. The spokesperson was a writer who is known nationally and is a dealer in mining provisions, but this man did not have too much wide experience in the mining field, with the exception of perhaps in his own area. This spokesman made an observation that the Garrett Gravity Trap gold pan did not in the slightest make dry panning achievable. Since this prospector who was hearing this debate did not have the aspiration of embarrassing the spokesman in public, made no comment whatsoever, and did not recommend to show the spokesperson how uncomplicated and trouble-free the pan is to use. Nevertheless, this prospector, as well as many other prospectors, is still a very strong believer in total truthfulness on the subject of facts and equipment, and will keep his mouth shut when it comes to something he knows nothing about. A few people may possibly just insist on showing them how to do so by using their own equipment, or invite him to carry out the same demonstration by using the sand and the gravel which is supplied from their own diggings. It is very obvious to see that this is no place for show boaters and fakers who make use of a carnival environment to pro­mote their products. Whichever kind of equipment used for mining will in the long run have to stand on its own merits, and knowledgeable counselors will at all times stress unhurried, but positive results, particularly in the case of using new methods or tools for the first time.

The dry washer uses a table which is built very much like the average sluice box. It is a four-sided figure which is just about six to twelve inches in width, and has a succession of riffles to fence in the gold. The riffles are positioned in an upright position at an angle of 90 degrees and at right angles to the long box or trough. The dry gravel or sand, which is required to be completely dry, is gradually fed into the trough which is positioned on a slight descending incline. The trough or box is afterwards shaken, or vibrated by means of a small hand crank or a motor, which causes the material to slip bit by bit over the 90-degree riffles. The heavier gold settles to the bottom of the trough and is, in sequence, stopped by the upright riffles. With continuous shaking, vibration and forced air it will cause the lighter sand and gravel to travel in a downhill direction, this lighter sand and gravel will slip over the top of the sharp riffles, and then move off onto a tailing pile. The gold which is heavier and the black sand concen­trates will stay securely trapped at the rear or in the front of the up­right 90-degree riffle.
This that you have recently read is furthermore an exact description of the operational function of the famous Garrett Gravity Trap pan. The Garrett pan uses the identical sharp riffles, which is constructed in the plastic at a true 90 degrees, and performs precisely the same function. The portable dry washer is four-sided, and is either shaken or vibrated by mechanical means. The Garrett Gravity Trap pan is round in shape and is shaken or vibrated by hand. The dry washer will process a larger amount of gravel or sand, but it is also much heavier and more difficult to transport, in addition it costs much more. The Gravity Trap pan will definitely not process nearly so much dry material, but it is exceptionally light in weight, it is small, and easy to transport, plus the price is almost nothing in comparison. The results or the amount of the recovery, from whichever device depend completely upon the knowledge and the methods which are used by the operator. With this information you can now understand how unreasonable the declaration which was made by the unknowledgeable dealer of mining supplies sounded.
We put a very strong emphasis that in wet panning the material has got to at all times be in a liquid or suspended state; otherwise, the gold will by no means settle down through the damp or simply wet sand. The contrary holds true at the time of using the dry method of recovery. The sand or the gravel must be completely dry. It cannot be even a little damp because the gold will not settle down through the dense material without much agitating and the gold must be in the loose suspension of the dry sand or gravel. Dry panning is to a certain extent complicated when it is used as a method of recovery on fine gold. If the operator has the patience and employs the accurate meth­ods, it can be accomplished at the same time of using the Gravity Trap pan. As is natural, at the time that the gold is heavier and in bigger pieces, it is much easier and much more practical. It is only mentioned in passing that it is completely feasible to pan light or flake gold. Gold panners with experience have used the dry panning method for quite a few years with only pans that are conventional, even though this requires a large amount of experience, ex­pertise and time. The Gravity Trap pan is in point of fact a diminutive dry washer with the same riffle design but it is constructed in a shape that is round. It is operated by power that is hand-controlled, in the same manner as the small portable dry washers are. It remains only for the prospector to put its potential to appropriate use.

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Article source by the Mineral Prospector

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