Monday, June 6, 2011


 I have been trying for a long time now trying to sell gold prospecting equipment on my own sites and many other social sites and I and have found out the hard way after many hours of hard work on the internet that the old saying is true! You have to have money and spend it to make money. Tis true! Well I'm running out of time and now to old to buy equipment and go out and dig for gold so I’m going to try something different. 
In the next few weeks I will be trying a different approach to getting gold and silver in my pocket and will share that goal with you. 
I have decided to try to make money online with some programs I have signed up for that are starting to give me some reason for hope. I will list a couple here and start blogging my progress with the main idea being to take that money and start buying silver and gold. I will start just buying from prospectors through sites I find like eBay.
Or from prospectors I know. I’ll just keep collecting bits here and there and will blog about it whenever I make a purchase. 
Well more later, hope you will follow me on my adventure. Mike 
 Here are a few programs I'm trying.

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